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If you are looking to upgrade your public image we are a great place to start. With our services we can provide your business with content that highlights your strengths and is made to impress. Reach out to us for more information about what we could do to serve your business’ personal needs.

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Quandell Iglesia is a very tenacious and driven young entrepreneur that is constantly seeking success through his three businesses.  As owner and founder of PhotoBliss LLC, Quandell Iglesia Consulting, and SNJ Millennials 501(c)(3), Quandell is always busy furthering his impact.  As a part of this process, Quandell understands how important a social presence is and he is always looking for new ways to optimize his outreach. He was in need of a videography service that would be able to keep up with his busy schedule and constantly growing success, while providing top of the line content that would effectively portray his brand image to future and present clients. Obie Media sat down with him and built a plan, structured around an understanding of his wants and needs and developed creative content ideas and strategies that were tailored to expanding the success of his brand.  Now, Quandell can focus on growing his businesses, and he can trust Obie Media to take care of the video content creation that he relies on to grow his social presence.