How We Operate

1.Consultation and pre-production

We pride ourselves in being a people first company. We always meet with each of our clients face to face for a consultation to get to know them as a person first in order to create the perfect content they are seeking. Here we can discuss personal wants and needs and show you exactly how our services will operate. You can put your faith in us to listen, take note, and incorporate all your ideas into the finished product. We ensure this with our individually priced add on structure that puts the power into your hands to design the perfect content that suits all of your needs. If at any point in the planning process you have any ideas for the video, we are always open to make this as customizable as possible for our clients.



The next step in the process is the filming of your content. Whether its a wedding, a business video, or anything in between, we will set up a no time limit shoot that captures everything we need to create the perfect video for you. Our team of professional videographers are equipped with state of the art cameras and equipment that capture both professional grade video and audio. Our hybrid style of cinematic and documentary approaches is what sets us apart, and we accomplish this through both non-intrusive and high quality camera operation.


Post production and delivery

We take pride in our distinct professional editing style and our completely personalized final product. We work quickly to produce a high quality and cinematic final video that exceeds all of your expectations. Our turn around time is significantly faster than most in the industry. We always provide a finished product within a few weeks of the shoot, not a few months like others. After we deliver the video to you, we ensure that it exceeds your expectations and leaves you with a smile on your face. We will not rest until you love your video.

Ready to get started?